Sunday, January 25, 2009

Tiny Core looking even better

Yes, today I managed to
1. Clean up and configure my wbar dock (see this thread)
The crucial novelty here is that configuration is done in ~/.wbar and it seems this config file is prone to get corrupted. However, it's very easy to fix.
2. Streamline and significantly reduce thee size of my startwifi script. It's all explained in the second page of this thread.
The major point I learnt here was how to make a .tce file which can then be placed in /mnt/hdd7/tce to ensure it loads at boot. The following command was used to make this file:

tar -C / -czvf ra2860.tcem lib/modules/2.6.26-tinycore/kernel/drivers/net/rt2860sta.ko.gz

3. Every time I booted into TC, I had to change the background as I didn't know how to permanently install a wallpaper. That is until I found this guide.

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