Sunday, February 08, 2009

Autostarting apps in Senryu and Haiku

Yesterday I modified the /boot/home/config/boot/UserBootscript file in Senryu to get Startup (and launchBox which I had linked to here) started at boot.
However, there's an awful lot of stuff in this script that didn't seem to be doing anything (or, at least, I didn't understand what it was doing).
So, I took it all out and now my UserBootscript looks like this:



........and this works fine.
That is apart from one little unexplained problem. This is that I just can't get ProcessController to launch (and stay launched) at boot.
I have included /boot/home/beos/apps/ProcessController and /boot/home/config/be/"Desktop Applets"/ProcessController in the above script (both before and after the Workspaces command and, additionally, linked to /boot/home/config/be/Startup.
In almost all cases, ProcessController did actually start and the icon appeared on the Desktop. However, in every case it disappeared after, at most, 10 seconds.
I really have no idea why this happened.
I got exactly the same behaviour when I included the line
launch /beos/apps/ProcessController

in the Haiku Bootscript.
Incidentally, right-clicking on the LaunchBox shows a "settings" option which allows you to change the icon size (I chose 48x48 which looks good) as well as moving the LaunchBox orientation from vertical to horizontal.
Another strange feature is that the Firefox icon won't stay in the Senryu Launchbox (between boots) although Opera does. But, in Haiku, Firefox does stay in the LaunchBox.
Haiku has no UserBootscript but does have /boot/beos/system/boot/Bootscript which seems sort of the same thing but yet has substantial differences.
I never liked that terminal that opens on boot of Haiku so I looked through this Bootscript to see what was launching it. When I found it I took out the Terminal and added in LaunchBox.
Now, rather than the unnecessary terminal, I get a LaunchBox at start up.
Note that no Startup folder or binary is available in Haiku.

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