Saturday, February 07, 2009

Steps to reinstall Senryu

A new Senryu raw image seems to appear about every month. As however there's no persistent home capability in Senryu as yet, you're forced to re-install all your stuff.
Below is a list of all the steps I need to get Senryu back to where it was after installation of a new build.

1. Download Senryu.7z, unzip and then

sudo dd if=senryu.img of=/dev/sdb5

and wait about 3-4 minutes.
2. Make the partition bootable with
sudo ./makebootabletiny /dev/sdb5
Note that both the last two commands were from the ~/Desktop directory where I have stored makebootabletiny and the new Senryu.img
3. Make Desktop icons for Firefox, terminal and Opera with
ln -s /boot/home/apps/Internet/firefox/firefox /boot/home/Desktop
ln -s /boot/home/config/be/Applications/Terminal /boot/home/Desktop
ln -s /boot/home/apps/Internet/Opera/Opera /boot/home/Desktop

4. Go to Leaf>>Preferences>>Network and choose the addresses. I use Static rather than DHCP as this allows me to specify the OpenDNS servers (, rather than the default which makes browsing painfully slow.
5. Change the Mount settings to avoid all of those totally useless desktop icons showing up. For this, right-click on the Desktop and choose Mount>>Settings and pick what you want to mount at boot.

Also today I finally managed to get the autostart facility to work in Senryu. Although there is a /boot/home/config/bin/Startup available to launch Startup, it doesn't seem to have been included in the /boot/home/config/boot/UserBootscript.
So I just added a command

under three other similar commands (all OSS-related) and now LaunchBox (which I had linked into /boot/home/config/be/startup/) starts without problem at boot.
However, I also tried to get rid of that warning thing that shows up at boot (and neither Workspaces nor LaunchBox will start until I've OK'ed this dialog. However, commenting out this prevents either Workspaces or LaunchBox from starting.
This is puzzling.

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