Friday, February 20, 2009

Increase size of Haiku raw image.

As my Haiku install has grown to almost the size of the image (only 400 MB) -- as also has my Senryu install--, I've been looking for a way to increase the image size so that I could accommodate more apps, files and folders.
Then I stumbled on this blog post which aims to increase a Qemu image in size.
However, as it seems impossible to do this directly, the steps involved include converting the Qemu image to a raw image, growing the raw image by adding a zero-image and then converting the resulting raw image back to a Qemu image.
Great. So, it seems all I needed to do was to create the zero-image of the right size using

dd if=/dev/zero of=zeros.raw bs=1024k count=200

(as I wanted to increase the 400 MB Haiku image to 600 MB) and then adding the resulting 205 MB zeros.raw to the haiku.image with
cat haiku-alpha.image zeros.raw > bighaiku.image

and sure enough a 605 MB bighaiku.image appeared on the Desktop.
So, then I increased the Haiku partition to 700 MB in size and dd'ed the larger image over with
sudo dd if=bighaiku.image of=/dev/sdb13

and this seemed to go fine with no errors.
Finally just make bootable with
sudo ./makebootabletiny /dev/sdb13

Now, I could boot into Haiku and everything seemed to work fine. However, when I went back to Ubuntu and typed "df -h" in a terminal, it showed that the nominal partition size in /dev/sdb13 was only 400 MB and not the 605 MB I expected.
I really don't understand this but it seemes that the image was not truly increased in size despite everything going without error and the bighaiku.image showed a size of 605 MB in its properties.
Needs investigation.

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