Friday, February 20, 2009

Re-installing Moblin in EeePC 901 MultiBoot system

Yesterday, in increasing he size of my Haiku partition, as Gparted can't handle BFS partitions, I had to delete the existing partition and then make a larger one. In between these two steps howver, I shut down Gparted which ended up renaming all the partitions above /dev/sdb9 (where Haiku was). So essentially, the partitions at sdb10, sdb11, sdb12 and sdb13 all moved down a notch. Thus what was sdb10 now became sdb9.
I had previously had Moblin V2 Alpha installed at sdb10 (/) and sdb11 (/home). However, even though I changed the Xanthos menu.lst to see Moblin's root at /dev/sdb9, it still just wouldn't boot. Presumably because it was confused that /home was now /dev/sdb10.
I couldn't see any way around this so I was forced to re-install. But, I didn't re-format /home so little was lost.
Some important tips to re-installing Moblin:
1. During install, root password is "moblin"
2. When presented with the partitioning options, click Reset to refuse the chosen options and bring you back to the original HD arrangement.
3. No network configure options available to pre-choose DNS servers, therefore /tc/resolv.conf needs to be modified and then made immutable.
4. Opera icon in tray dissappeared so had to download a new one from here.
5. I was unable to get sound to work or even to change the volume setting (which appears to be 0%). This is strange as it worked the last time. What's more the Totem movie player just freezes in fullscreen and has to be killed to get rid of it.
6. I installed Flash 10 as before (d/l as tar.gz, untar and move to /home/paul/lib/opera/plugins/ and then going to Opera>Preferences>Advanced>Content>PluginsPath and ensuring the correct path to flash is chosen.

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