Saturday, February 21, 2009

Just some random doodlings today............

A few interesting things cropped up rather than the blockbusting, dazzling, once-in-a-lifetime discovery that I keep hoping for.
1. Video in MediaPlayer in Haiku on EeePC 901
A guy in the Haiku forums is helping an awful lot with this (we're pm'ing too). Up to now, he's provided me with new versions of avcodec and avi_reader to replace what I had in /boot/beos/system/add-ons/media/plugins/. This caused a video window to open up when I tried an .avi file in MediaPlayer, which had never happened before, although the video still didn't play (although sound, as always, was fine). Seems I now need some function to provide overlays. Let's wait and see what develops.

2. Trying to resurrect my very old Epson Photo Stylus 830
This printer is almost 7 years old. Unfortunately, it's been little used and, indeed, has lain idle for at least 9 months due to a broken catch on the black ink seat on the print head.
However, I found I could reasonably repair this with a carefully sculpted small soft-wood peg which then kept the ink seat lid positioned where it should be in a closed position. To my surprise, after I did this, everything seemed to work fine apart from --you guessed it-- nothing printed. Now was this due to blocked ink passages or no ink at all?
Certainly shaking the ink cartridges didn't give the impression that any ink was present. Nevertheless, I tried to clean as much as possible with first water and then IPA.
One problem at this stage was that the printer just kept going ad infinitum as if a whole queue of jobs were lined up. So how to cancel them all?
I found the answer in this thread in post #7 and it just involves going to


where a number of maintenance options, including job cancellation and test page printing are available. Strangely, not all work including "Clean print heads".
Also useful is (in Ubuntu)

where printer configuration is available as well as maintenance jobs but not, strangely, cancel jobs.
In any event, although just a little coloured ink printing was achieved, it does seem like the cartridges are empty so I'll have to splash out for at least a black one on Monday.
Interestingly, I've never printed from my EeePC 901 so assuming I can get the printer to burst into life again on Monday, I'll try that out.

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