Tuesday, February 24, 2009

MediaPlayer now plays video in Haiku and Senryu

Yes, MediaPlayer now works perfectly in both OSes all due to what the developer guy who was helping provided.
Essentially, this consisted of new versions of avcodec and avi_reader. The avcodec also included a basic yuv422 to rgb function (although I admit to not at all understanding what this is).
All this means that Haiku and Senryu are just a little nearer to being ready for day-to-day use.
So, what's still missing?
Well, the image needs to be a lot bigger as, in both, only about 100MB of free space is available.
I miss not having a modern, workable version of Opera -- this is a big drawback for me.
No flash -- now this is a problem.
If we could get over these shortcomings, I believe Haiku might have a chance to take over from Ubuntu as my preferred OS on the EeePC 901.
But, I believe we could be some years away from this.

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