Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Printing from the EeePC 901

I've had this EeePC 901 for six months ago and I've never tried to print from it. However, the real reason for this was that my printer (Epson Photostylus 830) wasn't working.
But, it is now so I decided to check out the EeePC for printing.
In Ubuntu 8.04, everything went perfectly. The printer was picked up and printing was perfect. Absolutely no problems.
In Haiku, however, it didn't seem that my printer was recognised. But the opportunity to include it was given which I did. Nevertheless, after selecting the paper format and other printing arrangements, selecting "print" lead to nothing at all happening.
Got the very same behaviour in Senryu.
Need to look into this but, unfortunately, I'll be away from home for two months from tomorrow and won't have access to a printer at all.

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