Thursday, February 05, 2009

Putting a new app into DSL Apps folder.

Yesterday, I discovered how very little I knew about DSL despite having used it now and again over the last 18 months. Perhaps this confirms that I'm a shallow superficial person. I really do have to look at this or maybe I can only feel happy or fulfilled dealing with superficialities.
Well, enough about me. I installed Opera (only 8.52, I'm afraid) as an extension in DSL 4.4.12 on my EeePC 901.
However, I was surprised to find that no desktop icon appeared nor did opera show up under the Apps icon on the desktop and also not in the DSL menu under Apps>>Net>>Browsers.
So, I posted to the DSL forums and somebody sorted me out.
What I included in /home/dsl/.jwmrc was

Program icon=/tmp/mydsl.icons/opera852.xpm label=Opera /opt/opera852/bin/opera /Program

Note that this does NOT work in Fluxbox, only JWM.

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