Saturday, February 14, 2009

Video in Haiku??

No progress but I'm continuing the email dialog with the guy who kindly offered to help me (after I emailed him).
He told me that VLC has its own built-in codecs so doesn't rely on installed stuff. He asked that I forward to him terminal outputs for the VLC operation.
However, as I'm trying to use both VLC-0.8.6d and MediaPlayer in both Haiku (r29155) and Senryu (r29143), I actually forwarded four text files with terminal outputs to him.
These are:
1. Haiku + MediaPlayer
2. Haiku + VLC 0.8.6d
3. Senryu + MediaPlayer
4. Senryu + VLC 0.8.6d
I also provide here a fifth file which is the terminal output for VLC 0.8.6e running in Ubuntu using the very same small .avi file that I used in all of the above tests.
5. Ubuntu + VLC 0.8.6e
Examination of these outputs shows that there certainly seems to be a problem with loading of either modules, plugins or codecs in all of the BeOS-related attempts I made.
Let's see what my email-correspondent comes up with before drawing any conclusions.

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  1. If you have not already, the best would be to post a bug report at:

    We have a developer by the name of David McPaul who has been doing most of the development in the codec area; if you post a link to the problematic video file, he will probably look into it.

    Good luck!