Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Video in media players TC Linux and Moblin

Now, I'll be the first to admit that this is a very weak post but, nevertheless, it deserves to be noted down.
After the problems I had, and am still having, with playing videos in Senryu and Haiku, I decided to looked at mediaplayer video playing in both Tiny Core Linux and in Moblin V2 Alpha which are both installed on the same Asus EeePC 901.
In Moblin, Totem played the sound without problem on the same .avi file that I had tested in Senryu. However, no video appeared. Instead only a sound "visualization". So, this was disappointing not least because there seems to be no Moblin forum where I can look for a solution to this. But, remember it's in alpha so problem like this are to be expected.
On the other hand, the same .avi played fine in Mplayer in TCLinux, both video and sound. Nevertheless, two lesser problem arose:
i) I can't find how to make the video size greater than (what seems to be the) default 160x120
ii) I can't see how to setup Mplayer to start from the wBar. The command I used was "/use/local/bin/mplayer" but this doesn't start the player as it needs some further parameters. Nevertheless, right-clicking on the Desktop, brings up the Apps menu from where Mplayer can be started apparently without specifying anything else (such as the video to be played).

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