Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A little progress on TinyCore

I had a problem with sound in TC in that to get it to work after boot, I had to copy the file from /usr/local/lib/opera/plugins/ to /usr/lib/. Additionally, I had to manually turn the sound on. Messy.
So, nothing for it but to write a script. Here's what my script (called "sound") looks like:

cd /usr/local/lib/opera/plugins
sudo cp /usr/lib
sudo soundon

I then added a further line

to /opt/ and sound now works perfectly immediately after boot.
Of course, as runs as root, there is no need to keep the "sudo" commands in my script.
Incidentally, make sure the first line in TC scripts start with "#!/bin/sh" and not "#!/bin/bash" as the latter just won't work.
Mplayer works reasonably well as a video player in TC but I was unclear how to get a display size larger than the very small default size of 160x120. This thread I started has helped me just a little up to now but there is certainly room for further improvements. Let's see what turns up.

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