Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What's good about Jaunty?

I've been using Jaunty on my EeePC 901 for two days now although I really haven't been purposely power-testing it; just doing my normal stuff.
So how's it been?
Well, first I should that nearly everything seems to work including touchpad and webcam. The only problem here is that YouTube video don't play in Opera 10 and persistently give an error about Javascript being turned off or an older version of FlashPlayer being installed. In fact, neither is true. However, other videos play fine in Opera (forget the type that played fine) and Speakeasy Speed test (which requires Flash) works without problems.
I can't really say that I notice any speedier performance although Jaunty boots maybe just a bit faster (70s) than Hardy (80s) with basically the same /home, but this is really nothing to boast about.
Other than that 10 second gain on boot, I really haven't noticed anything startlingly exciting about Jaunty although, once again, I haven't really been looking for any startlingly exciting stuff.
Nevertheless, it does work on the EeePC 901 with the 2.6.28-11-generic kernel.

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