Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Dialect Applet now working in Jaunty

As I mentioned yesterday, this little applet which is really, really useful for me wasn't working as it should in Jaunty.
Instead of just clicking the applet and immediately switching from one language to another (in my case English and Portuguese), it gave me a huge menu to select from which is the way this applet used to work.
Turns out that I had inadvertently installed the old version (Dialect_v0.1.0.awn) which I had in the home directory on the Mac (I had cl1p.net'ed it over to the EeePC).
Once I had deleted this and installed the new version (Dialect_v1.3.0.awn), everything worked perfectly.
So, just a silly mistake on my part.


  1. Hi, I tried to download the Dialect_v1.3.0.awn applet, but it seems it is no more available. I would appreciate if you send it to me at korry73@abv.bg



  2. Could you say me were can I download this applet? I really can't do it. Please help me.