Sunday, May 24, 2009

Adding additional spellchecker to Opera 10

Besides English I do a lot of work also in Brazilian Portuguese but never quite figured out how to get an additional spellchecker into Opera.
However, actual spellchecking is quite simple. Simply click on the drill-down arrow to the right of the Check Spelling link and pick whichever language you want. I really don't know what langauges it works for but it certainly works for Brazilian Portuguese.
However, getting the inline spellchecker to work in Portuguese is less simple.
I followedthis link and did the following:
1. This link provides a huge list of available dictionaries. Pick what you want (I used Pt-Br.
2. From here I clicked on the download link and, at the bottom of the page, downloaded the file
I then unzipped this which gave me two files. One was .aff and the other.dic.
3. I then copied both of them to /usr/share/opera/locale/pt/ (having first created the pt folder).

Now, when I write an email in Portuguese, I right-click on the input area and the context menu shows a Check Spelling option. If I click on this and open the context menu again, a Language option button appears under the Check Spelling button. Now this contains two language choices (en_US and pt_BR) with the en_BR being the default.
However, up to now I have just not been able to get the pt_BR option selected for reasons I don't understand. I posted to the Opera forum on this but have yet to receive a reply.

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