Monday, May 25, 2009

Two additions to my AWN dock in Jaunty on the 901

Came across a nice list of features to add to Ubuntu here and two, in particular, impressed me so I added them to my Awn dock in Jaunty on my EeePC 901.
Googalizer, which you can download from Synaptic, is the first in the list of 10. It allows you to highlight any text you want anywhere and then click on the Googalizer icon to perform a Google search of whatever you highlighted.
And, in my case, the Google page opened in Opera which is my preferred browser even though the linked page seemed to suggest that something would need to be done to get it to stop opening in Firefox.
The second one I using is Gnome-blog (number 8 in the list). This allows you to post to your blog without having to even open the blog. Iṽe set it up to work for my blog and I've written about this in the same blog.

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