Monday, May 04, 2009

EeePC ACPI Utilities -- I tried it but not impressed.

ACPI (Advanced Configuration and Power Interface) is something I'd seen but never really understood.
In any event, I saw a lot of posts on a package of ACPI utilities for EeePC computers (such as this) and decided to try it out.
Details of how to install this is provided in a wiki which includes sections for the EeePC 901 and EeePC 1000.
Anyway I installed the package and got a little icon in the top panel in Ubuntu Jaunty which allowed me to toggle things like wifi and bluetooth. Not really useful to me and, in reality, it seemed like something that would show up as a plugin for Windows XP.
Worst, however, was that wifi just wouldn't start at all at boot, as it invariably did without this install.
So, I deleted it and everything is now back to normal.
Honestly, I'm not keen at all about the trends to "window-ize" Ubuntu. Christ, if you want Windows buy the Windows XP version of the 901.

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