Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Getting back to Haiku and Senryu

Having been away from home for quite some time, essentially without Internet, I was unable to do anything very much on either of these two OSes.
So, now that I'm back, I first of all updated my Senryu using the latest raw image from here.
I went through the usual procedure to install it to /dev/sdb5, but this version (r30165) froze during boot, no matter how many times I tried it. I posted to the Senryu "forum" asking how I could get hold of an older version of Senryu. However, I was told to wait for a new version which would be uploaded soon.
So, then I decided to see if the latest Haiku raw image (r30629) would also freeze on boot. As I didn't want to mess up my existing (and working) Haiku install, I installed Haiku from here also to /dev/sdb5.
Luckily this booted fine so I'll probably go ahead and update my "real" Haiku install.
One of the reasons I wanted to look at Haiku/Senryu again was to check out the Gnash FlashPlayer which apparently now works in Haiku.
However, it's early days and there seems to be some problems. In particular, installing the flashplayer takes up 135 MB of space. Unfortunately, this exceeds the free space available in both the Haiku and the Senryu raw images so it seems that I can't have flash in haiku/Senryu for the moment.
In addition, it seems that, at present, only very limited flash functionality is available as this wiki-type document claims that "you won't be able to see flash contents on web sites" which is indeed a severe limitation.
Not sure what I can do next other than wait for developments although maybe I'll seek the opinion of that Senryu guy.

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