Saturday, May 30, 2009

Upgraded to Jaunty on MacBook

Yeah, I took the plunge today and went all the way from Hardy to Jaunty (through Ibex) on the Mac.
No problems at all -- everything went very smoothly.
The only thing that, up to now, was the webcam.
With Wxcam, I just couldn't get it to work at all. Kept getting this error when I tried to open it.

An error has occured during frame capture.
Please check the "frame format" options in the preferences menu.

However, in light of what I found with Cheese, this could also be a bug.

[Edit: I just managed to get Wxcam working well with just a few simple adjustments even though the error message still comes up at the start:
i) In Settings>>Preferences, set Frame format to Auto
ii) Still in Settings>>Preferences, set Driver to Video4Linux2
iii) In Effects, check Adjust Colors. Without this, video looks very similar to the Green Capture bug I had in Cheese, but with Adjust Colors it looks very reasonable. However, haven't yet seen it in daylight, so not sure yet how true the colours will be]

Cheese worked, but gave a very green video, even thought the Black&White effect seemed to be perfect.
Fortunately, this is a known bug that can be overcome with a patch. Note that this fix involves downloading the Cheese source (so you need to have the sources box checked in Software Sources), patching it (make sure you use this patch and not one that's presented earlier in the thread as this doesn't work), then build and install Cheese. In all takes about 15 minutes.
But it works.

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