Sunday, May 31, 2009

projectM-PulseAudio in Jaunty on EeePC 901

Here's a link that details how to set up this audio visualizer. However, note that there are errors in the procedure which are corrected in the second comment.
Running it is easy but actually very disappointing on EeePC.
The movement of the visualizer is extremely jerky and may be due to the small processor or the low RAM (1MB).
However, I was unable to find anything detailing what specs are required to get it to run properly.
Maybe I'll try it on the Mac,

[Edit: Found this tutorial which actually refers to problems with the compile of this app. It recommends trying the 1.2 release which I did. Although it "made" and installed much more quickly, performance didn't seem to be any better on the EeePC 901.]

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