Friday, June 12, 2009

Efforts to install Chrome on TinyCore 2.0

No, Google Chrome is not in the TC repos so I tried to install it along the lines of this guide.
Here's another guide that's slightly different and this thread has a lot of useful stuff also.
In any event, all of the dependencies (what're being symlinked) are available in the TCE repos other than libnssutil. However, googling for this provided an rpm source which I was able to download and extract and then copy the file to /usr/local/bin and then symlink.
Actually the symlinks I did were all of the type

sudo ln -s /usr/local/lib/ /lib/

Next I downloaded the (incidentally, I had to use "wget -c " to get this to work. The -U switch shown in one of the guides just errored out.
Now when I tried to run Chrome using

I got errors telling me that, for example, didn't exist.
Strangely, when I went to /lib, the file was clearly present but using the ls command said that didn't exist. Most strange.
However, this article provides some explanation where it says that the soft link that I use only links to the file name and not the true file. Hmmm, not sure I really understand but........
Nevertheless, I went ahead and wrote hard symlinks for all of the seven dependencies. Now when I tried to start Chrome, it got over all of the initial problems but came up against another to do with Again I was able to get a copy of this from an rpm package. However, even placing it in various locations and symlinking could never get rid of this error.
So, I gave up.

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