Saturday, June 13, 2009

Send SMS with Skype in Linux

I've SMS messages through Skype before but only in Windows. I thought this facility wasn't available in Linux.
But, I was wrong!
This simple Howto explains everything.
Assuming you already have Skype installed, just do the following to install the SMS capability:
1. Download Skype4Py- from here.
2. Extract and navigate to the produced folder in a terminal
3. Install with this command

sudo python install

4. Download skysentials-1.0.1.tar.gz from here.
5. Move to whatever folder you want and extract here.
Now to send an SMS, first make sure Skype is running and then just navigate to the folder created in Step 5. and use this command
sudo python

Use the dialog box that opens to send your SMS.
I tried one to Ireland (where I am right now) and this worked fine.
I sent another to Brazil but, although it was sent to the server, it's still pending delivery to the phone. It may well be a problem with the phone.

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