Saturday, June 06, 2009

Google Chrome in Jaunty on EeePC 901

Trying out Chrome (unstable version) which I got from here.
Available as a .deb so it's easy to install.
Have only just started using it so limited experience.
Of course, I've used Chrome before on Windows XP and, although it's OK, I really wasn't bowled over by it.
I honestly don't find it any faster than Opera 10 and that's supposed to be one of the major selling points of Chrome.
And, there's no flash capability in the Linux version so forget about streaming video or radio.
Another thing I don't like about Chrome is that when you "Open in New Tab", it doesn't jump to the new tab, just like Firefox. But, if you open something in a new tab, don't you want to look under that tab right away?
Don't have this problem in Opera.
Quite honestly, I'm so used to Opera and, other than the flash/operapluginwrapper problem' I really, really like it so Chrome would want to be vbery good to tear me away.
BTW, posted this from Chrome.

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