Monday, June 08, 2009

Installing Tiny Core 2.0

A new version of Tiny Core became available yesterday so, even though I hadn't used the old version for some time, I wanted to try out the update.
So I used Unetbootin to prepare the LiveUSB and then I booted to this. Two boot options were available (Default and TinyCore). Tried both and although both booted fine, in every case was unable to get a terminal to open despite trying both the Wbar and the desktop menu options.
At times, booting from the pendrive sometimes seemed not to completely boot in that no mouse pointer arrow appeared (just an X which couldn't be right clicked) and no Wbar appeared.
By including the kernel option "/home=/dev/sdb12" at times gave the Wbar. But, no matter what I did a terminal never appeared.
To get a command prompt I had to ctrl-alt-bkspce which brought me to a Tty. Here I was able to follow section 5 (only) of this guide to get the necessary boot files copied over.
Then I just copied these to /media/sda1/boot/tinycore (from Ubuntu) so that I could boot to TinyCore 2.0.
Once again, while booting was easy, the terminal never was available despite many attempts.
I posted to the TC forums but no solution was available (which normally means this is something peculiar to my situation).
The various kernel options (/home=/dev/sdb12, local=/dev/sdb7, restore=/dev/sdb7) made quite some difference when included.
Without any of the three, no Wbar appeared but this showed up when the first was included. If, in addition, the second was included, the pointer arrow became a fairly useless X. When all three was were included, no Desktop background was visible at all.
On another occasion, when I was in Tty, I issued a "startx" command and was brought back to the normal desktop, but with just an X rather than pointer. Now, clicking on the Wbar terminal actually did produce a terminal but it couldn't be moved and had no "close window" button.
Similar deficiencies appeared with all other windows opened.
All of this seems to me to indicate that perhaps I need to try a clean install -- so maybe I'll try this tomorrow.

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