Tuesday, June 09, 2009

PamFax -- Send faxes from your computer

In all the years I've been using computers, I don't believe I've ever sent a fax from a computer. Indeed, I really can't remember the last time I sent a fax from anywhere.
In any event, today I had to send copy of a signed document to Brazil. So, given that this was urgent, the only option was fax.
So, I googled around for a while and discovered PamFax. This seems to do for fax what Skype does for phones. Indeed, there seems to be a close association between the two companies.
One thing I liked about PamFax was that you could use Skype credit to pay for sending the fax. Nice, as this means I wouldn't have to shell out a further €10.00 + VAT to get some PamFax credit.
However, this Skype credit thing only seems to apply to the Windows version of PamFax (I started with the Mac OSX version). So, I had to move to my forlorn Windows XP Desktop.
Yes, while it's true that the option to use Skype credit is indeed available in XP, it doesn't seem to work. I spent in total about an hour waiting for PamFax to connect to the Skype payment scheme but it never connected.
OK, nothing for it but to dig deep and fork out the €11.90 (including 19% VAT -- interestingly Skype only charges 15% VAT).
Another nice feature of PamFax is that it connects to your scanner (in my case Epson Perfection 1260) and produces a .tif file which it can then fax without having to mess around wondering what file type the faxer can accept.
After that sending the fax was simple enough. However, up to now I haven't managed to actually send any faxes because of a constantly busy machine on the other side and later a machine that refused to answer (out of paper).
However, it emailed me to report the problem and refunded the €0.35 the one page fax was to cost.
But other than that slight setback, PamFax looks very good although I'm most unlikely to make a lot of use out of it. Only problem I've noticed up to now is that there's no Linux version.
[Edit: It seems that for your account balance to show up in PamFax, you need to have Skype open as well. Before I opened Skype --on the day after adding money to my account-- my balance showed as EE0.9 and I persistently got complaints about insufficient funds to send a fax.]

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