Friday, June 19, 2009

Music recording/mixing on EeePC

Came across this very nice guide (actually it's just the first part of a series) to music production using the EeePC. Although this is not quite working for me yet, I'm amazed at the absolute panoply of activities and possibilities available on this tiny machine that cost me less than €300.
Also, it's normal for me in this blog to just write about what I have actually already done. However, this is an exception and here I'm going to outline what I intend to do or, more correctly, what guides I'm going to use.
The first guide outlines how to install all the software you need for this.
Note that I couldn't get coonection to the Jack server WITHOUT booting to the -rt kernel.
This next article describes, in quite some very simple detail, how to write clients for Jack (Jack being an acronym for Jack Audio Connection Kit rather than some guy's name).
Next we need something to produce the sounds. So, here we need a tutorial for Ardour.
I'll start this over the weekend.

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