Thursday, June 18, 2009

Opera 10 torrent client.

I love the Opera browser and have used it in all my OSes for many years.
Opera 10 Beta is great although I find that Opera Unite operates, at present, very laboriously. However, I'm really looking forward to using it when the bugs have been removed.
But, one big surprise for me is that the Opera bittorrent client, which I've also used very much without serious problem, has now become virtually unusable (only since I upgraded to Build 4440). Now when I try it, Opera crashes after a few minutes of bittorrent use.
So, out of exasperation I changed over to use Transmission which comes with Ubuntu 9.04. Now, no problem and possibly even faster download (although this would need verification).
A problem I've had with the Opera client for a long time is that the download stops apparently before the MB total has been reached. Stopping and restarting the download may eventually lead to completion of the download, although restarting the browser gives completion more quickly in my experience.
However, with Transmission, no similar problem encountered.
So, until these serious bugs are ironed out, I'll stay with Trasmission.

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