Wednesday, June 17, 2009

TweetDeck -- didn't know can't see @replies

Yeah, today I tried TweetDeck as it seems to be much-discussed.
Installation in Ubuntu 9.04 on my MacBook didn't seem to be going smoothly. However, here's a guide that worked for me. Note that you must have Adobe Air installed first.
Nice blackbird icon fits into my Kiba-Dock with ease.
I've only used it now for a few hours but found that @replies I had received from people I don't follow don't show up in my web twitter. Well, that's a surprise.
Some explanation fo this is provided in this blog post.
Anyway, I like that about TweetDeck but, honestly, other than that it really seems to me to be a bit too clunky.
So, unless with time its value becomes more apparent to me, I'll use it only to see @replies from people I'm not following.

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