Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tuning up TinyCore 2.0 on EeePC 901

Slowly getting the new version of TinyCore Linux running on the 901.
Here's a few things I found today:
1. Only when I chose the Second Operating Mode (PPR/TCE) was I able to get icons and a desktop background. Still don't fully understand why this worked.
2. Unable to get either Opera 10 Beta or Google Chrome to install. There's a detailed guide for the latter, however, which I might try.
3. Coincidentally, I tried to install a nice Google Chrome wallpaper only to find that TC seems to actually have a smaller screen size than 1024x600. At least 15% (lengthwise) of what TC calles 1024x640 is not visible.
4. To get the PPR/TCE to work is just a matte of including "tce=sdb12" as a kernel option. sdb12 refers to where I want my extensions stored so that I don't have to re-install them after every boot. Note that "tce=/dev/sdb12" does NOT work

Nevrtheless, TC is now starting to look good, once again. However, I'm not sure I've seen a whole lot of difference from the earlier versions (1.0 and 1.4) other than Flash 10 now being available and partitions are called by their correct names (e.g sdb7) rather than the inexplicably more complicated hdd7.

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