Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Upload files to Twitter with FileTwt

I really don't use Twitter and, moreover, I have to confess it's just not totally clear to me what all the fuss is about.
Why is it important to broadcast around the world what anyone is doing right now? Is there anybody,(and who is at least moderately sane), who is even remotely interested in what I'm doing right now?
Anyway, I tried out FileTwt today. This, which is almost a Plugin for Twitter, allows you to upload (AFAIK) any find of file to Twitter.
I tried it first on a 13 MB .mp3 file. However, this didn't seem to work for reasons that are not clear.
Next I tried a 70 KB AWN applet (.awn) and this worked perfectly in seconds.
So back to the .mp3 file and this time it worked although what should have been a 50 second upload seemed to take considerably more than this.
Nevertheless, it did work.
So, can I trust the FileTwt start-up enough to archive some files (eg Dialect.awn, kiba-dock.deb, music files, videos etc, etc) that I don't want to lose?
Apparently FileTwt accepts files up to 20 MB in size which is not too bad.
Haven't read through this, but here's a list of 10 apps that do the same as FileTwt.

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