Monday, July 27, 2009

Can I squeeze FreeBSD into my EeePC 901 multiboot system?

Don't know but I'm certainly going to try.
I used FreeBSD 7.0 for quite a while on my old Dell desktop and have been looking to get a version of this OS onto my Netbook for some time. Now after my rearranging, maybe now's the time.
Actually, Unetbootin contains FreeBSD 7 as aa built-in distro.
However, there's something strange about this as the downloaded iso only seems to be about 1 MB in size. Not only that but it completely fails to boot.
However, this guide seems to be more suitable so I'll try this. Other guides are this and this.
Two concerns I have at this early stage are:
1) HD space needed for install as this is very limited now (just 750 MB on /dev/sda and 1.2GB on /dev/sdb.
2) It seems that FreeBSD will only boot on the EeePC from /dev/sda. I had seen on the Dell that FreeBSD must be on one of the primary partitions to boot.
Therefore, perhaps I'll have to put OpenSUSE's /home on /dev/sdb and then reduce OpenSUSE's / partition to 2.75GB and see if I can get FreeBSD to work when stuffed in to a 1GB partition on /dev/sda.
Let's see if I can get this working by next Sunday (3-08-2009)

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