Saturday, August 08, 2009

Get weather updates in Zenwalk 6.0

I tried ZW 6.2 Beta on my EeePC 901 for a short while but as it seemed to freeze just after adding anything through Netpkg I had to give up on it.
Nevertheless, I did notice that the Weather things (I have two cities of interest to me) that I added to the top panel worked perfectly with considerable eye-candy which always gets me interest. On the other hand, the very same weather applets didn't work at all in ZW 6.0 and just gave "no data" outputs.
Then I found a thread in the Zenwalk forums that explained what the problem was. See the post by nseamons for the solution that worked perfectly for me. I downloaded the very latest version which was 7.2 and now I can see temperature, wind speed and humidity for my two cities displayed in a really cool animation.

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