Saturday, August 01, 2009

Giving up on installing FreeBSD on EeePC 901

Yes, things are not looking good here and I've put quite some effort into this.
First, my question to the EeePC forums has received no answers after more than three days now. That's always a bad sign.
Secondly, this post outlines 5 distinctly different to do the same install on a EeePC 901, all of which ended in total failure. Interestingly, the method I used wasn't tried.
Incidentally, I emailed the author of the linked post about the error I was getting and he suspected it was due to lack of HD space. However, I don't believe this was the problem.
Here's another blog post outlining a method to install FreeBSD from a USB device. He uses an installer on a USB key and the iso on an SD card.
However, as I didn't have an SD card, I tried two USB keys. This ended in exactly the same "Unable to transfer the base distribution from da0s1" error that I had previously gotten. Maybe it'll work with an SD card but I'm beginning to have severe doubts.
Another blog post that is extremely detailed is certainly worth a try as it deals with getting FreeBSD onto a EeePC 900. However, it carries out a lot of command line work from within FreeBSD and the Unetbootin installer doesn't seem to allow access to a FreeBSD Tty irrespective of which option I choose on the start page.
Can't see any light at the end of the tunnel here so I'm looking at installing Zenwalk in place of FreeBSD.

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