Saturday, August 01, 2009

Google Chrome in Ubuntu now has flash

And it's so easy to get it to work (got this from this blog post).
You just need to open up the Google Chrome launcher Properties dialog and add "--enable-plugins" to the launch command. And that's it. What could be simpler other than doing nothing?
In my case it was just a tiny bit more complicated as I use AWN to keep all my launchers together and at hand. There is no ready access to AWN launcher Properties panel. So, I went to Applications>Internet and added the Google Chrome launcher to my Desktop.
Then I right-clicked on this, clicked on "properties" and added "--enable-plugins" of course, remembering to leave a space between what was in the old command and the new addition.
Then I removed the existing Google Chrome launcher from AWN and dragged the modified launcher to AWN.
Now, without any messing around with plugin paths, YouTube works perfectly.

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