Monday, September 07, 2009

A deeper look at

This is a project which could be extremely useful in that it provides a menu of OSes and tools that can be booted from the web using PXE.
I've used it a bit and it works fine on my EeePC 901 although the extremely slow download rates and absence of wifi connectability are drawbacks right now.
I had a further look at it over the weekend and the BootKernelOrg facility offers quite a selection of Linux Live Cds downloadable and bootable from the web.
However, I could only get one of them to work which was Debian 5 iscsi. This took about 30 minutes to boot (including the downloads). The GUI Desktop eventually showed up and worked well but very slowly.
By changing the DNS servers to OpenDNS I was able to get IceWeasel working acceptably. Nevertheless, most other operations, such as opening Synaptic Package Manager were painfully slow.
However, it's great that I was able to get it to work.
Note that for the Debian ISO version, although it booted fine, X didn't start so I was left in tty-land.
In the case of both Knoppix and DSL, the boot failed due to no eth0 being detected. Debian didn't have this problem.
I also tried the Create your own Configuration option which is very easy to set up. I tried Linux Mint which is a 700 MB iso. Starting the boot was very easy but, because of the very slow download rate, the boot would have taken more than 13 hours. So, I didn't go any further with this.
As I only have 1 GB of RAM on the EeePC, I don't believe I could have handled Linux Mint although Debian seemed to work fine. I'm just wondering now if the extreme slowness of Debian was a result of overloaded RAM.
Tried another configuration which was Haiku. However, the Haiku Raw image only comes as a zip file so it's not clear to me how to add scripts to the configuration such that, for example, a zip file can be unzipped and the resulting haiku.image booted from RAM.

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