Monday, September 21, 2009

File transfer between EeePC 901 and AMD64 box

One of the first things I noticed after setting up Ubuntu 9.04 to dual boot with Windows XP on an AMD64 Desktop was that I couldn't transfer a file to the AMD64 from Ubuntu on my EeePC 901 (as server). I mentioned this at the bottom of this post.
I also posted to Linux Questions about it and more details are available in this thread.
Today, after getting some useful suggestions in the thread, I did quite a bit of experimentation and although the suggested fix for the problem didn't work for me, I was surprised to find that I could actually use woof to transfer without problem a small file from the EeePC/Ubuntu to the AMD64/Ubuntu. The two files that succeeded were of 61 Bytes and 630 Bytes in size. However, two files of 2.3 kB and 6.7 kB did not transfer.
I believe this must surely be relevant in resolving this problem.
Could it be that some configuration somewhere is limiting the time available for the file transfer to one or two milliseconds.
Given the fact that nobody else seems to have experienced this problem, things are pointing to it being specific to my setup -- possibly due to an error in ~/.woofrc or something.

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