Wednesday, September 23, 2009

How to increase the size of the Haiku Alpha1 image

I already posted about installing Haiku Alpha1 on the EeePC 901.
Unfortunately, because I was unable to use the iso I was confined to dd'ing the downloaded image to the Haiku partition.
The major problem here is that the image is only 600MB in size which leaves only 65MB of free space for storage and installation of new stuff.
Posted to the Haiku forums looking for a way to get a bigger image. Today, one was posted which was remarkably easy to implement.
I already had Haiku Alpha1 installed on a 1.1GB partition but, of course, only 600MB of this was used with the rest being totally inaccessible.
These are the steps I took to create a Haiku install on a 1GB partition all of which was available to Haiku:
1. Using Parted Magic, delete the 1.1GB Haiku partition.
2. Rob some space from the other partitions on the EeePC 16GB SSD in order to allow creation of a 640MB partition (ext2) and a 1GB partition.
3. Now download the Haiku-Alpha1 raw image and unzip it (I did this within Ubuntu on the same machine).
4. Next dd it to the 640MB partition using

# dd if=haiku-r1alpha1.image of=/dev/sdb8

5. Now make it bootable with makebootabletiny using (from the Ubuntu directory where makebootabletiny is stored):
# ./makebootabletiny /dev/sdb8

6. Boot to Haiku on the 640MB partition
7. Make sure you can "see" the 1GB ext2 partition. Leave it unmounted and use DriveSetup>>Partition tab>>Initialize>>Be File System
to initialize a BFS filesystem on this partition. (BFS is known in Linux as BeFS).
8. Get the location of the 1GB partition and ina terminal use the makebootable command to, well, make the partition bootable. Here's the command I used
makebootable /dev/disk/ata/1/slave/3_4

9. Now mount the 1GB partition in read/write mode
10. Next, drag and drop each of the seven folders in the Haiku 640GB partition to the 1GB partition. This took about 15 minutes for me.
11. Reboot to Ubuntu (Ubuntu's grub is in the mbr although I could have done all of this from Haiku, too). Now, add a stanza to Ubuntu's /boot/grub/menu.lst to allow booting of the 1GB Haiku Alpha1 as follows:
title Haiku Alpha1 on 1GB partition
root (hd1,8)
chainloader +1

12. Reboot to the new 1GB Haiku to make sure everything's working OK.
13. If it is, use Parted Magic to delete the old 640MB partition and redistribute the available space among the partitions from which you "robbed" space for the Haiku manipulations.
14. Be happy.

Just to mention another curious feature that I noticed but haven't yet fully investigated. Normally, for no particular reason other than habit, I format the Haiku partition to Fat32 before dd'ing the image over. This time I used ext2 for both partitions.
I found that the 1GB partition was listed in Parted Magic as still having an ext2 format (even though Haiku was working perfectly on it). As a result of this, it seems like this partition may respond to Parted Magic's commands. This would be very convenient if true as up to now, the only command I can use on a Haiku partition is Delete.
I'm going to investigate this further.

Edit: Well, I've investigated it and the news isn't good. Even though the 1GB partition is more than half full of Haiku, it shows in Parted Magic as having only 17 MB used. I tried to resize the partition, but the operation failed. So, looks like this is not the breakthrough that I had hoped for.

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