Thursday, September 10, 2009

Finally created a working configuration in

Yes, I'd made several attempts at creating my own configuation in but all failed for various reasons including no scripting options to allow unzipping of Haiku image and making bootable, extremely slow download rate for large iso (Mint Linux) and stopped downloading about half-way through (Puppy Linux).
However, I've now managed to get one that works and this is the mini.iso from Netboot Ubuntu Images.
The created configuration (7001) booted through to the install menu (didn't go any further as I didn't want or need to install anything). However, even though the iso is only 11 MB in size, the download rate averaged a hugely disappointing 3.1 kB/s.
Nvertheless, I'm now thinking that perhaps may allow me to both partition the HD and install Ubuntu on the Windows machine they have here. There's a floppy drive which I think may well be bootable.

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  1. The ubuntu installers already on the menu are a little bit smaller than the 11MB boot image, and will let you install Ubuntu - I tested it on my wife's laptop yesterday. :)