Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Mepis and the failing ext3 journal

A few days ago I wrote about the problems I was having with Mepis 8 on the 4GB key due to the ext3 journal corrupting with an inconvenient frequency.
So, from Ubuntu I changed the mounting of / and /home in Mepis to ext2 from ext3. This worked fine and I thought I had removed the journal problem.
This seemed to be confirmed by both mount and /etc/mtab showing the partitions on the usb key to have a ext2 fs. Nevertheless, Gparted said it was still ext3.
Then today, when trying to boot to Mepis, the boot failed due to failure to detect the ext3 journal.
Easy to get back to booting again. Strangely, though, I used the command

fsck.ext2 -y /dev/sdc1

which I though would ensure it maintained its ext3 status. But again no, as it just went ahead and recreated the journal and announced at the end that a ext3 fs had been restored.
Looks like the next stpe has to be to try tunefs to truly take out the journal that I really do not need.

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