Saturday, September 12, 2009 on a Windows computer

We have a small Desktop (homemade, 20 GB HDD, AMD Pentium IV, 512 MB RAM, SiS190 Network card) with currently only Windows XP installed. However, despite the small HDD size,there;s still almost 10 GB of this free. So here's a great opportunity to use maybe 6 GB to install a Linux OS.
Yes, that sounds easy but..........unfortunately neither of the CD drives seems to be bootable.
Additionally, bootable usb keys don't boot either but, happily there is at least a bootable floppy drive.
So, I needed to use a floppy, with a mere 1.44 MB capacity to boot GParted to partition the HD and then to install (probably) Ubuntu.
First I considered using the floppy to boot the CD and posted to one of the XP forums on this. Some strange replies from this forum but perhaps I erred in not stating in my post that I was older than 10 years and had actually used a computer for longer than a week.
Nevertheless, some useful comments were received including a suggestion that a BIOS firmware update may be sufficient to make the CD drives bootable, and that it may indeed be possible to include the CD rom drivers on the floppy and thereby get the CD to boot.
However, I am more hopeful of netbooting this machine from a floppy disk using Initial attempts at this had failed apparently because the existing SiS190 driver wasn't recognized by gPXE (see this thread for more details).
Since then, however, I've been getting some great assistance from a guy who (I think) is involved in the project. This has brought me to the stage where booting from floppy is possible but up to now, I haven't been able to get Gparted booted (details are in some emails I exchanged with this guy around about this date).

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