Saturday, October 24, 2009

I tried out AWN 0.4 Beta -- hmmm, not sure.

I've been using Avant-Window-Navigator almost as long as I've been using Linux and that's coming up to four years. So when I saw that a new Beta was available, I had to try it out.
So, I installed it in Ubuntu Jaunty on my EeePC 901 and it installed and worked without problem (just remember to change "ubuntu_version" to "jaunty" or whatever in the very first command).
However, despite there being a lot more configuration options, I'm not sure any are any good or better than what I've used for some time (3D dock, high transparency, squishy icons).
However, the transparent dock looks great and I like the way it can become much dimmer when another window impinges on the area where the dock is.
A problem here, though, is that when "dimmed out", none of the launchers are active so you have to move the impinging window(s) out of the way to recover launcher activity. This is awkward.
What sealed my general disappointment, however, was that the Dialect applet couldn't be installed. Not sure why but this can't be that difficult to rectify as the applet is a fairly simply python script.
Anyway, I deleted the Beta and went back to what's available in the Jaunty repos.


  1. When using any of the autohide behaviours under preferences it's just a case of moving the pointer against the side of screen that the dock is attached to. Alternatively panel mode or standard mode will keep the the dock on top at all times.

  2. The dialect applet has been re-written for Awn 0.4 and a request has been made to include it in the awn-extras packages.

    Hopefully it will be available again soon.