Saturday, October 24, 2009

Here's how Pardus 2009 is going for me.

I already posted about installing Pardus 2009 on my EeePC 901 so this is just an update outlining a few problems I'm having.
The first misgiving I have is that no compiz-fusion is available unlike Pardus 2008.2. Instead, kwin is included in the KE4.2 WM. Now, pressing ctrl-F11 actually does give a very nice semi-transparent rotating cube.
However, no way can I find out how to revert from the rotating cube to normal operation. Several of the F-keys (F1, F2, F3) do indeed stop the cube but ALL bring you back to the login page which is not the best.
Another disappointment is that Kiba-Dock which was in the 2008.2 repos seems to be no longer available.
However, the biggest problem is that I jus cannot get a wireless connection despite rt2860sta apparently being available in the kernel. I posted to both the English and the Turkish forums on this. In addition, I filed a bug report.
But without wireless, this means that I cannot use Pardus 2009 on this machine when I'm out of the office.

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  1. The crash after the cube effect should be fixed in the test repository. It will go into the stable repo when a couple of regressions fixed.