Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Reinstalling Pardus 2008.2

As I explained in the previous post, Pardus 2009 on my EeePC 901 was just a little disappointing principally because I was unable to get a wireless connection.
Given that KDE4 is available in the Pardus 2008.2 repos, seems like everything I need (compiz-fusion, Kiba-Dock, wireless connection as well as KDE4) should be available in Pardus 2008.2
So, I used the method described in this thread (post by Buba) which worked fine for me with Pardus 2009.
This involves using Unetbootin to create a USB key with the Pardus installer and making some minor changes to /boot/syslinux.cfg on the key.
Although this worked fine, no option to select English as the install language was provided (by pressing F2). This was the case for both Pardus-2008.2-Canis-aureus-International.iso and Pardus-2008.2-Canis-aureus.iso.
It was quite a task to install in the Turkish language but I used a very good translator on another computer.
Because the install was in Turkish, I couldn't figure out how to change the language to English but posting to the Pardus World Forum solved the problem for me.
However, I still had problem, particularly getting the wireless connection even after installing rt2860sta from the repos.
So, I tried the wiki method for generating the USB-key installer as shown here.
This time the F2 language selection showed up when I started the install. So looks like the simpler method I used first only works well for Pardus 2009.

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