Friday, October 30, 2009

Pardus 2008.2 + KDE4

In my last post, I mentioned that I had abandoned Pardus 2009 on the EeePC 901 primarily because I couldn't get a wireless connection but also because the kwin 3D effects were not, IMO, impressive.
So back to Pardus 2008.2 with the intention of installing KDE4 and thereby getting what I saw as the only benefit of Pardus 2009 (although I'm sure there are more that I haven't yet discovered).
While still in KDE3.5, I installed both compiz-fusion (and many dependencies incl fusion-icon), yakuake and Opera 10.10.
Then to get KDE4 running here are the main steps that I got from this thread:

sudo pisi it kdebase4

To stop KDE3 and start KDE4, here's the procedure:
Go to TTy1 (ctrl-Alt-F1) and login as root. Then issue the following commands:
service kdebase stop

service kdebase4_workspace start

To get KDE4 to launch on boot, issue these commands
sudo service kdebase off

sudo service kdebase4_workspace on

This works perfectly for me on the EeePC 901. Additionally, compiz-fusion provides 3D effects in KDE4 that, IMO, are so much better than those available through kwin.
Only one thing on the downside which is that the rt2860sta module only provides a wireless connection when no encryption is provided for the connection. Of course, this is not a good idea but for the moment I see no way put of it. I'll post to the Pardus forum about this but don't anticipate that there'll be a solution.
Also, I'll update the bug report I made on this same issue for Pardus 2009.

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