Saturday, November 07, 2009

Asus EeePC 901 (Windows) working again after reset

I was presented with the above machine (not mine but less than 1 year old and lightly used) which was not powering up. Indeed, no lights at all came on when the power cable was plugged in and/or the unit was switched on.
As it's still under warranty, I considered sending it back to Asus but did a little googling first.
This post on the EeePC Users forum solved the problem.
Note however, that the reset button was actually underneath a Windows XP sticker so I had to partially remove this to gain access.
The exact sequence of events for the recovery was:
1. Switch off everything and unplug thew power cable.
2. Remove the battery
3. Reset using the reset button (small hole near left front rubber leg on bottom)
4. Hold down power switch for 20 seconds
5. Replace battery
6. Replace power cable and switch on.

After this, everything worked fine.

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