Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Google Chrome Extensions.

Yes, they're finally available .... well, sort of.
Officially, they're not yet enabled on the Mac but here's an easy hack to get them working.
I tried quite a few in Chromium in Snow Leopard on my MacBook 10,6. Most worked fine, but a few didn't. Google Translate worked but kept switching itself on and translating my webpages into Afrikaans which, while initially quite interesting and educational, quickly became rather annoying.
One I would suggest Mac users avoid for the moment is Cooliris. Once this was installed, Chromium kept crashing without giving me time to go to chrome://extensions and uninstall Cooliris.
I tried reinstalling Chromium but still kept crashing.
Nothing for it but to open a terminal, navigate to Users/paul/Library/Application Support/ and completely delete the Chromium directory.
Then I reinstalled Chromium from here.
Next I tried ChromeOS -cherry on my EeePC 901. However, the extensions wouldn't work here. Told me that I needed the Beta version of the browser.
OK, so tried to download it from here, but no Finder or Nautilus is available in ChromeOS so couldn't access the .zip file to open it by clicking (or so I hoped).
Next tried to unzip it in a terminal. However, no unzip command is available in the ChromeOS terminal.
Time for bed...................

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