Saturday, December 19, 2009

Google Quick Scroll

Just discovered this great Chrome extension which, although I've used or am using quite a few extensions for Chromium/Chrome, is the first one I've come across which really adds something not easily, if at all, available otherwise.
OK, that's enough build up.
What it does is allow you to scroll immediately to the part of a document found in a Google search where your search term appears.
This is particularly useful for somebody searching for a term I've used somewhere in my blog. Clicking on the link to my blog in the search-results lists may bring you to an unrelated post (probably the latest one) which won't help with what you're looking for.
However, in this instance Google Quick Scroll opens a small popup in the bottom-right which highlights the search term as it appears in the blog. Clicking on this immediately brings you to the post where the term is found.
Asa an example, I Google searched for /Volumes/Macintosh HD/Users/paulfxh/Desktop/chromiumos" which was included in a post of 22-11-2009. Google found my blog but when clicked the latest post showed up.
However, Google Quick Scroll showed up in the bottom-right as shown in the screenshot.
I like this a lot.

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