Sunday, January 31, 2010

Update Haiku on EeePC 901

Some months ago I posted how to get a large (i.e. greater than the standard image size of 600MB) Haiku partition on my EeePC901.
Quite an amount of work involved, so it's obviously not something you want to do every time you want to upgrade your version of Haiku which could be as much as nightly.
Well, the tricks I used to increase my Haiku partition size I got from this Haiku forum thread.
In this thread I suggested that to upgrade Haiku in the future should involve no more than downloading the Haiku iso on Ubuntu (which I have on another partition on the same machine), mounting it, and copying the enclosed System folder to an equally mounted Haiku partition in Ubuntu.
However, I overlooked the fact that Ubuntu can only mount BFS (or BeFS as Ubuntu calls it) partitions as read-only. Write is currently not supported.
OK, so back to what the guy in the thread had suggested to me, that is to create a 650MB partition (I used ext2 but this is really not relevant), download the zipped Haiku image from here, in Ubuntu, unzip it still in Ubuntu (I'm using an alpha version of Lucid) and then issue this command to write the image to the new partition:

# dd if=haiku-alpha.image of=/dev/sdb9

(of course, your image and device names may be very different from mine, but if you got this far then you probably knew this).
Next use makebootabletiny to make the new partition bootable using this command:
# makebootabletiny /dev/sdb9

Now use edit /etc/grub.d/40_custom to include the new Haiku partition in the grub2 menu as I've already posted.
Next, reboot and boot into the new Haiku partition.
OK, when you're in the new Haiku, mount the "old" Haiku partition (right click on desktop, choose "mount" and pick the old Haiku).
Now double click on the new Haiku, and then right click on the System folder and choose "Copy To..." and choose the old Haiku partition.
Now you can reboot into the old partition which should have been upgraded the the latest nightly build without obliterating any of your stuff.
In practice, I still had to increase my Desktop icon size from the default 32x32 to 64x64 but everything else was as I had left it.
I like to have Launchbox show up when I boot into Haiku. You can do this very simply by editing /boot/home/config/boot/UserBootscript using StyledEdit and adding this line to the bottom

This works perfectly. However, adding a similar line for /boot/system/apps/NetworkStatus doesn't. Hmmm, no idea why at the moment.
Just while I have your attention I'll mention another problem I had with Haiku. I wanted to install VLC media player from here but I couldn't download the zip file.
The error message said the zip couldn't be saved because of an unknown error and suggested I choose a different download location which I did but still got the same error.
So I downloaded the zip in Ubuntu, booted back into Haiku and moved the zip file over. Now I could install without problems.

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