Thursday, February 11, 2010

Get book covers for Stanza library on iPod Touch

Yesterday I provided some information on how to assemble an extensive ebook library in the free ebook reader app called Stanza. Because what I suggested consists in doing a little fiddling around just to get readable content, some of the finer points, such as book covers might be missing.
These are useful to both make the books recognizable and to brighten up what might otherwise be a dull, uninspiring look to your library.
I came across this howto for getting book covers which is quite involved (although I've never actually tried it).
Luckily, getting book covers diectly from within Stanza on the iPod Touch (or, of course, iPhone) is ridiculously easy.
Just go to the library and tap on the book for which you want to get a cover.
The book should now open.
Now tap on the screen to bring up the controls. Then tap on the three horizontal dots in the bottom right corner of the screen which will open the Actions page. Here, tap on Edit Info.
Next tap on Cover Image and choose Lookup on Web (unless you happen to have a stored photo that you want to use as the cover in which case choose Select from Photo Album).
Once you tap Lookup on Web, Stanza will search the web for covers of which several may be found. Pick the one you want and save it.
Make sure both the book title and author are correctly transcribed on the Edit page otherwise it is likely that no covers will be found.

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