Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Maybe I'll never buy another book again!

One of the very many things I like about my new iPod Touch 3G is its use as an ebook reader with Stanza.
It is absolutely amazing and so convenient.
I now have thirty really great books in my library and I didn't pay for any of them. There are literally millions of wonderful books waiting on line to be downloaded.
Here are some sites that can be explored to see what's available (this, this and this, too)
Now, Stanza can only handle files in the epub format. However, many downloadable books are in other formats such as pdf, txt and rtf.
Luckily, there are some free online apps (meaning they can be used on any platform) which will convert from one format to epub.
The best of all is 2EPUB which converts from many formats (pdf, rtf, txt, doc, odt) to epub.
It operates smoothly and quickly and allows you to download the epub document to your computer. However, you still have to get it into Stanza on the iPor Touch.
How to do this is explained here and merely involves creating a free account and then uploading your epub documents to
Then in Stanza on the iPod, simply configure Get Books to accept as a book source.
Another good free conversion app is Epub2go which converts pdf files to epub. Unlike 2EPUB, it also allows you to select online documents for conversion. Another advantage is that, after conversion, Epub2go will email the epub document for you. This allows you to pick it up on the iPod Touch. In just one click it's downloaded directly to Stanza.
For some reason, the servers used by this app seem to be very slow or overloaded or something which means it can take maybe as much as 5 minutes from start to finish in comparison with less than a minute for 2EPUB.
In my experience, Epub2go doesn't work sometimes on files that 2EPUB handled without problems. On just one occasion, I had the opposite experience.
Another potentially useful online conversion app is texttopdfconverter. However, in three tests, only one succeeded in producing a pdf file. On the other hand, 2EPUB converted all three txt files directly to epub without problems.

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